Permanent eyeliner is a must for women who are allergic to conventional makeup, wear contact lenses, have poor eyesight, shaky hands...or simply are unable or don't have the time to apply beautiful eyeliner!

Powdered eyeliner

Frequently asked questions

Is it safe?

Yes, speaking for ourselves, it is safe. We ONLY use all pre-packaged, sterile and disposable needles and needle casings. With the highly technologically advanced digital implantation system we use, only medical-grade needles, which are encased in a sterilized permanent makeup cartridge. This patented cartridge system contains a special device which prevents bodily fluids from entering into the system. This system ensures that you will receive the most advanced, safest and most sterile form of permanent makeup tattooing available. Each and every time a client comes into our office for their appointment, we use a brand new set-up and "show" our client their individual set up prior to starting their procedure for their own reassurance. So, yes, it is safe, speaking for ourselves.

DOES IT Hurt ?

We use a highly effective topical anesthesia to numb the eyelids prior to starting your eyeliner procedure. We also continue to keep our clients numb throughout their entire procedure. Again, speaking for ourselves, there is not even a pinprick of bleeding during the eyeliner procedure.

Is there a lot of bleeding and swelling?

Again, speaking for ourselves, for most people, there is no bleeding at all, not even a pinprick of bleeding. As a result of no bleeding, there is no visible swelling afterwards. You will be amazed with your appearance as soon as your procedure is completed, you will look like you've applied your own eyeliner...even better!

What if I've had my permanent eyeliner done by a different technician and it didn't stick at all? Is something wrong with my skin?

No, there's nothing wrong with your skin. Unfortunately, many people who call themselves permanent makeup technicians have not been properly trained and/or properly qualified and/or lack experience in this field. You just chose the wrong person. And, by the way, beware of "groupons"! People who run groupons are desperate...and probably for good reason.

What if I'm not sure how much eyeliner I'd like to have applied?

It's always a good idea to have a "natural" and "conservative" amount of permanent eyeliner applied, at least during your first color application. You will be returning for a second color application, about a month later, at which time you may desire to add more. This two step color application is a great way to live with a certain amount following the first application to analyze it in order to assess if you'd like more color added the second time you come back in.

What if the eyeliner style I choose goes out of style?

It's highly recommended that you choose a "natural" or "conservative" style which will always enrich and emphasize the natural beauty of your eyes to enjoy on a daily basis. You can always add more by using your "conventional" eyeliner makeup for special occasions or events. Just because you have permanent makeup done doesn't mean you can't change your style around with the use of your own makeup at any time.

What if I am planning to have eyelift surgery or facial plastic surgery in the future?

As long as we stay within your natural lashline and/or stay right next to your natural lashline it will be fine. You may want to refrain from having eyeliner "tails".

Is there any down-time?

Speaking for ourselves, not other technicians out there doing permanent makeup, you'll be able to go right out into public immediately following the permanent eyeliner procedure and look fine. You'll love your permanent eyeliner as soon as the procedure is completed! Again, speaking for ourselves, when we do your eyeliner procedure, there is no bleeding, not even a pin-prick of bleeding. As a result, there is no visible swelling. This is why you'll look so good right away! However, you may be puffy along the upper lids the following morning as a result of your head being low while you sleep the evening of the procedure. You may wish to keep your head elevated by sleeping in a recliner to help keep the swelling at bay. Otherwise, a couple extra pillows to keep your head elevated higher than your heart may be helpful, as well. However, if you do have very sensitive skin, you may have some swelling the next morning. Everyone is an individual.

What are the after-care rules?

For one week, you'll need to apply a very thin film of ointment (which we will provide) over your new permanent eyeliner.​ -Also, during this week, you should not rub your new eyeliner either. This just means when you wash your face, avoid washing your eyes (which would rub your new eyeliner). You may take a shower, shampoo, etc., just gently rinse your eyeliner, and gently blot dry.​ -Contact lenses must be kept out of the eyes for a minimum of 24 hours. Although, it is always recommended to check with your eye doctor as to when he/she thinks it is best to resume contact lens usage. You may wear mascara (from a new, fresh tube) on the tips of your eyelashes during the healing ointment week, along with all of your other makeup, as long as it does not touch your newly applied permanent eyeliner. When you remove your mascara, you will take a piece of kleenex, with makeup remover within the kleenex, and gently "roll" your eyelashes with the kleenex. This way you are not rubbing your newly applied permanent eyeliner during the healing ointment week:)

I wear eyelash extensions. Can I still have my permanent eyeliner done with them on?

No, you must have your eyelash extensions removed prior to coming in for your permanent eyeliner appointment. And, since "new" permanent eyeliner procedures involve two color application sessions, one month apart from eachother, it is recommended to schedule your eyelash extension appointment one week post your second color application.

May I wear contact lenses to my scheduled permanent eyeliner appointment?

No, contact lenses must be kept out of the eyes for 24-48 hours post permanent eyeliner procedure. It is always recommended to check with our eye doctor when he/she suggests you resume contact lens usage. It would be important to either wear or bring your eye glasses with you to your permanent eyeliner appointment.

What if I have had laser surgery or other eye surgery in the past?

As long as the surgery is over three (3) months ago, and you are fully healed, it is fine. If you are not fully healed or have had any surgical complications, you must contact your physician for his/her "written" approval for you to have permanent eyeliner.

Am I a candidate for permanent eyeliner if I have an eye disease or condition? permanent eyeliner if I have an eye disease or condition?

Am I a candidate for permanent eyeliner if I have an eye disease or condition? permanent eyeliner if I have an eye disease or condition? Yes, as long as you provide "written" documentation from your eye doctor that you may have your permanent eyeliner procedure done prior to your scheduled appointment, if you are currently under a doctor's care for treatment of such a disease/condition.

What if I am fearful that I may be allergic to your permanent eyeliner pigment?

To date, I have never had anyone who incurred an allergic reaction to the pigment that I use. The pigments I use are well researched and of superior quality. Patch test is strictly required at least 24 hours prior the treatment.
I can also provide you with a small vial of pigment for you to take to your own allergist for specific testing, if desired.