Powder Brows
Powder Brows


Hairstorke Technique

Hairstroke Technique aka Digital Microblading has a hyper-realistic eyebrow look achieved by manual hairlike strokes cut into the skin. This technique creates a natural result, giving brows a fuller appearance, however, this technique is best suited for normal to dry skin types with minimal appearance of pores.

  • Very Natural

  • More touch-ups

  • More scarring

  • Not for all skin types

  • Not good for coverups 

Examples of Hairstroke Technique


Combination Brows

Combination Brows are a beautiful blend of microblading and powder shading that creates an added polish and makeup look to hyper-realistic hair strokes.

  • A hybrid of hair strokes and shading.

  • Great For added density and extra '' fluff''

Examples of Combination Brows

Ombré Shading

Ombré Powder Brows (also known as Powder Brows) is the newest and one of the most advanced machine techniques in semi-permanent eyebrow tattooing. The technique is described by its name, soft and light in the front and gradually darker towards the tails. Ombré powder brows can be applied with a soft, natural-finish or can be built up to resemble the look of darker makeup. The intensity of the ombré effect is contingent on how much existing brow hair there is, thus results vary per person. If you have darker hairs or patches in the front of your brows, you will likely need more a fuller powder-filled brow style so your natural brow hairs blend seamlessly. Ombré is great for all skin types, but especially those with previous semi-permanent makeup, and oily, mature, and acne-prone skin.

  • ''Makeup Look'' 

  • Less touch-ups

  • Less scarring

  • Good for all skin

  • Good for coverups

Examples of :